Officials Screw Colorado By Waiving Off Game-Winning Three-Pointer

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Colorado hit a 3-pointer off the glass at the buzzer to beat third-ranked Arizona. But the refs waived off the shot after a lengthy review. Arizona went on to win in overtime. Here is the key moment. You can see video of the entire play at


  1. Steelcore1085 says:

    I’m quite disgusted by the reffing officials and their terrible call! I demand that the Pac-12 examines this and investigates this, firing those refs who are responsible for this! This is absolutely despicable, and I’m sure many University of Arizona students would agree this was a terrible reffing call! The Buffs were cheated!

    Take their whistles!

  2. FromColorado says:

    There is no evidence that Chen’s got the ball off in time from this. It looks like it was touching at .1, so it could have easily been touching at 0 seconds. (And I am a Colorado Student)

    You can’t blame the refs when you get outscored 8-2 in the last minute and half, then lose overtime.

    • ArizonaWildcat says:

      This was so close you guys. I actually have more heartburn over the called foul on Lyons when there was no foul (about 1 min remaining), Buffs player slipped and gave up the ball. Johnson picked up the loose ball and was about to score. While I think this shot could have gone either way, we did come back from a 17 point deficit. It was a hard fought game on both sides.

    • From South Carolina says:

      Thank you. This couldn’t be explained any better and as a Wildcat fan, I tipped my hat to a good game (by Colorado) and a clutch shot by Chen before they waived it off.

      There is no evidence like you said unless you can break out forensic equipment (unlike some of the God awful pixel images) and precision timers to analysis if it was good or not. But what for? The outcome will stay the same and the outcome is not about a win or loss for Colorado but the fact they are not a one season wonder who won the PAC 12 tournament last year. I cannot even say “I hope this keeps them from getting selected” because they are far from a bubble team.

      See you on Valentine’s Day!

  3. Wildcat Nation says:

    Az wins! Sorry Chen, banks are closed!!!!!!! #beardown

  4. These two frames can only be interpreted one way; the shot does not count. In first frame of the two shown here, the ball is clearly in Chen’s hand with 0.1 seconds showing and the light off. In the next frame, the light is on and the ball is in the air. Within the frame rate of the camera, it is impossible to tell whether the ball was in his hand when the light came on or not. It would have to have left his hand with 0.1 on the clock to call it a good shot. The referee absolutely made the correct call without a doubt. Strictly from the data, the shot was no good, plain and simple.

    • RefWatcher says:

      “it is impossible to tell whether the ball was in his hand when the light came on or not.”

      That is the definition of INCONCLUSIVE. Replay is only to be used to confirm or change a call. Not interpret a call. The refs used the replay the wrong way. If they turned over the call because they believe the replay clearly showed the ball STILL in his hand or on his fingertips they are lying to you. I have not seen a single frame anywhere on the web where the ball is clearly touching his fingers and there is 0.0 on the backboard clock. NOT ONE.


    • marlowe alter says:

      this is anything BUT conclusive…this IS inconclusive evidence ya ding dong. therefore call on the court stands.

  5. Show me the frame with the ball in the air and time still on the clock. This is still inconclusive. If this is what the refs saw, I don’t see how they could call the shot good. Could it have been good? Yes. But these frames do not in any way support that the shot was good was off with time still on the clock.

  6. From what I’ve heard, the original call was that the basket was good. Assuming this is correct, I don’t understand how you could waive it off. This certainly doesn’t prove he got the shot off in time, but don’t you have to see clear evidence that he didn’t get the shot off to change the call from the monitor? I see nothing to justify waiving off the basket.

    • My understanding is that they made no call on the court. The announcers in the replays that I watch on ESPN clear stated that there was no call on the court and they were going straight to video. There might have been another feed, but I only watched the ESPN highlight.

  7. Absolutely agree with cridkid and FromColorado. The shot could have left his hand prior to the light coming on, but it also could still have been in his hand . There is a gap in time between frames for which we have no knowledge. Furthermore, it is impossible to know when the light came on after the first frame, so don’t let anyone tell you that you could extrapolate the position of the ball. The fact is that there is a finite probability that the ball was still in the guy’s hand when the light was illuminated. There has to be a frame of data showing conclusively that the ball had left his hand with time on the clock to count the basket, which in this case is absent. Don’t count on an Arizona fan in the audience with such information on their iPhone to come forward with it either.

  8. To everyone that states that it is a black and white call, think again.
    When a shot is that close, barely distinguishable and down to a hundredth of a second or maybe even a thousandth at the point of release, by golly, you award the shot. The Buffs came into Arizona’s house, dominated the game and deserved to have the shot called their way in light of the circumstances.

  9. Sorry Chad but that is not the official clock that you have taken a picture of. The official clock is the one above the basket. If you replay the shot, the clock above the basket clearly displays 0.01 when the ball is still touching Chen’s fingers and 0.00 in the very next frame with the ball out of Chen’s fingers. The clock at the bottom right of the screen in your picture is delayed because it is being taped and displayed on screen in a box. Take a look for yourself and kindly retweet us a picture with the clock above the basket visible.

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